How to Create a Bad Website

What is web design?

Web design is the process of creating a website.
Now, there are good and bad processes for creating things.
Unfortunately, many websites are created using bad processes.


Because designers prioritize speed at the expense of quality in their processes so they can charge lower prices.

A large segment of people who want a website will shop for the best price, so web designers fight for this market by prioritizing speed.

Speed can be prioritized by using website templates, skipping strategy, quickly moving to the design work, and focusing on creating a site that functions, rather than a site that actually achieves your intended goals.

If you want to effectively sell online, you need a website that is specifically designed to get the results you need. When you as a buyer prioritize getting the best possible price, you are working against your objective.


Well let’s think about it.
When ordering a website, there are three things you can shop for:

  1. Speed: They get the job done quickly.
  2. Price: They do the job for a low price.
  3. Quality: The project gets the best results.
When ordering a website, you can prioritize getting two of the above things.

Speed + cheap price = Average or subaverage product.

Speed + quality = High price.

Quality + cheap price = Friend or fluke. You know someone skilled who is willing to give you a discount or work for free. You may get a discounted price, but they have little incentive to work to deliver a product that’s on time. Either that, or you get lucky finding someone who is underpricing themselves.
If you want to sell online, it’s best to pay more and prioritize speed + quality. You want to hire someone who knows what they are doing and are motivated to deliver you a great product.

If you want a world-class website that includes in-depth strategy to identify what you need and an award-winning copywriting and design team to execute your vision, a team that has been honing their craft for years, then we can help you at Bolinder Design.

If you need a website and you are prioritizing price in your buying decision, we are not who you are looking for because we invest a lot more time with each of our clients so that they get the best results. Investing more time, means we take on less clients, which means we charge higher prices.

However, we believe that the value you will receive after working with us is well worth the price.
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Speed + cheap price = average.

Cheap price + quality = unrealistic.

Speed + quality = results.

Choose to get results with your website: cash, credibility and clients.
Book your introductory call with us today and let’s get to work on brining your website to life.
Noah and Maria