Sahal is a video production company that has recently made the bold decision to reposition itself as a creative agency. They specialize in creating ideas, strategies, advertising campaigns, and videos for B2B marketing.
PUMB is a modern bank - digitalized, IT-oriented and team-friendly. PUMB invests in its people and communicates this through its own employer brand. As part of the Sahal team, I worked on the visual style of the HR brand "PUMB for me".
A&A is a Polish jewellery brand that specializes in handcrafted rings using the finest of diamonds.

Our concept redesign for A&A focused on simplifying the site and highlighting their new collections.
A&A jewellery
UX/UI design
Peak Golf Academy is a golf training facility that caters to golfers of all levels.
Peak Golf Academy
UX/UI design
Vladiyan Royal is an international bridal brand that creates luxury dresses so that women can have confidence that they look stunning on their special day. Bolinder Design worked with Vladiyan Royal to create a landing page to increase their online sales around the world.
Vladiyan Bridal
1 page website / landing page
Bemuse is an award-winning line of sparkling, honey mead beverages made with all natural ingredients. We helped Bemuse develop their brand identity and e-commerce for their product launch in the UK.
E-commerce, UX/UI
Common Sense BC is an initiative to create a provincial party in the province of British Columbia that champions freedom and can be competitive in the next election.
Common sense bc
Branding / web design
Aaron Gunn is a Canadian media personality and influencer whose videos have nearly 100 million views on social media. Bolinder Design worked with Aaron to redesign his website so that he can grow his following and raise money to produce documentaries that educate on destructive government policies and advocate for common sense solutions.
Aaron gunn - INFLUENCER
Multi-page website
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