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Contrast = Power
Noah & Maria Bolinder. April 28, 2022.
Contrast = Power

What is thrilling about going up a rollercoaster slowly? You know you are about to fall at a high speed!

What is exciting about eating a delicious meal when you stomach is empty? You know how good it will feel when your stomach will be full of good food.

What is powerful about listening to a symphony that builds tension? You anticipate the conclusion where the harmony is resolved.

Contrast is your friend in web design because it has an emotional effect, and people often make decisions based on emotions. 

Here are four ways you can use contrast to build a more powerful website.

Describe risks: Tell your audience the risks of not using your product or service. Then explain to them how your product or service will not only eliminate those risks but make their life better.

Use the right colours: You want to use colours that contrast yet fit your overall theme.

Share success stories: Display stories and reviews of people who used your product or service that detail their transformation. 

Highlight important elements: Use your website’s accent colour to highlight the most important words and areas of your website so that they pop.

Share what you believe is the most important area to show contrast on a website.
Noah and Maria