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Know Your Customer’s Language
Noah & Maria Bolinder. April 5, 2022.
Know Your Customer’s Language

Გესმის ჩემი?

Do you???

Are you confused?

Გესმის ჩემი means, “Do you understand me?” in Georgian. We stayed in Georgia for two months last year and they have a very unique alphabet and language. One day we were at the supermarket when we asked the cashier a question in Russian. Georgia used to be a part of the Soviet Union, so most middle-aged people speak Russian.

The woman at the till shook her head. She didn’t look that old, so we started to speak to her in English. The younger generation of Georgians usually speak English.

The woman shook her head again.

We looked at each other. It was google translate time!
We share this story to highlight a common website mistake. People often assume they are communicating a clear message to their audience when they are, in fact, speaking a different language!

Here are four guidelines to help your website communicate using the right language.
1. Speak to your audience’s desires. You need to know what your audience actually wants. Don’t assume you know what they want. Go out and ask them and then use simple, clear words to show them how your product or service will help them.

2. Ask people in your target market to read over your website and give you feedback.

3. Clarity often beats technical jargon. If you are selling to a niche market, using insider language can demonstrate that you understand your audience, but it’s often best to use clear language that won’t come across as confusing.

4. Make sure the spotlight is on the customer’s problem and your solution. The reason people come to your website is to get your help. Their language is IMPROVE MY LIFE, so speak to them showing how you brand will improve their life.
Noah and Maria