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Don’t Build Your Website
Noah & Maria Bolinder. April 14, 2022.
Don’t Build Your Website 

Many people and business owners are deciding to build their own website. The primary reason they choose to do so is to save money. Rather than hiring someone to do the work, they figure they can spend 10 hours on a website builder putting something together that will look great.

Why is it that most people don’t build their own house, car, coffee machine, garden hose or shoes?
For one, people don’t know how.
Rather than spending months trying to figure it out, it’s much easier and efficient to pay an expert or company to make them for you. 

If you are not playing around with your website as a hobby and you want something serious, then leave your website to the pros. You will save time and almost undoubtably get a better product if you hire the right people. 

If your business is just getting started and you don’t have funds to hire someone, that’s fine. Everyone has to start somewhere. However, if you have the funds, consider the hidden costs of building your website on your own.

1. It might look bad. It’s totally possible that you can do a good job, but do you want to risk your first touchpoint with potentials clients being average or unprofessional? Maybe your website looks great, but if you don’t have a good conversion rate, looks don’t matter. 

2. You waste time. Let’s say you spend 30 hours trying to do your website on your own, only to discover that you’ve had enough and need to hire someone. You could have saved all that time upfront if you would have hired a professional from the start.

3. It can be stressful. Trying to build a website on your own can be a stressful and frustrating experience if you don’t have the proper experience. Ask yourself, is trying to save some cash really worth the potential anxiety? 

What was the first website you built and how did it turn out? 
Noah and Maria