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Noah & Maria Bolinder. May 5 2022.
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Less than two weeks before the war began in Ukraine, we sent our family in Kyiv to the western part of the country. There were rumours in the media that Russia was about to invade, and we encouraged our family to go on an extended vacation. 

Some of our family friends thought it was odd that they were vacationing near the border due to threats of war. Threats of war had been ongoing for years. Nothing would happen. 

We knew that sending our family away may have been a major diversion. But if war did happen, it would be worth it. Well…war did happen.

When war came, Kyiv was put under siege. Our friends who were living on the frontlines decided to escape the warzone as they had no food. They risked their lives escaping, as bombs landed around them, and they passed by dead bodies.

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Noah and Maria