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Make Your Website a Hotspot
Noah & Maria Bolinder. April 21, 2022.
Make Your Website a Hotspot 

What does Hawaii, Istanbul and Barcelona have in common?   

They are literally hot spots because of the weather, but the Sahara Desert is also a hot spot with few travelers. 

These cities are hotspots for travel because they offer people a variety of options: beaches, restaurants, museums etc. They are known for being places that people want to go to get what they want.
Your website should be known for being a place that your audience wants to go to get what they want. How do you do that?

You make your website a hotspot by making it a consistent source of valuable content for your audience.

Recently we were traveling in a small city called Selcuk looking for a place to eat dinner when a man approached us and asked what we were looking for. When we told him we were looking for a good restaurant, he suggested a place nearby and called the owner to tell him that we were on our way. He then invited us back for tea at his shop the following day.

We came back to his shop the next day for tea, and while we didn’t end up purchasing any of his cool lamps or jewelry, we left him a nice review online. He got that review because he delivered us unsolicited value. His shop is called “Sultan Jewellery & Fine Handmade Ceramic Art” if you want to check it out.

Want your website to be a hotspot?
Deliver consistent value to your audience. 

How does your website deliver consistent value to your audience? 
Noah and Maria