Our story
Our Story – Part 15-21
Noah & Maria Bolinder. March 9, 2022.
It was 2AM in the morning in Canada and Maria had just called Noah to tell him that her travel visa to Canada had been rejected. We had hoped to get married in Canada so that we could speedup the immigration process, but the Canadian visa rules for Ukrainians was particularly strict. They wanted Maria to own property in Ukraine to ensure that she would return and for her to have an extensive travel record for her to be allowed to come to Canada, even for just a few days.

With Maria’s visa denied, we began planning for our wedding in Ukraine. We had finished the marriage school and were officially approved. Our date was set for January 18th, 2020. After being separated for several months, Noah flew back to Ukraine and we had an incredible wedding.

From there, we flew to Barcelona and the Canary Islands in Spain for our honeymoon.

Afterward, we began the next journey of filling out a million forms of paperwork to apply for Maria’s residency in Canada. We knew that being apart for several more months would be challenging, but we were willing to do whatever it took to make our relationship work. At the start of February, Noah flew back to Canada to return to his job with the provincial government.

Shortly after, Maria left her design job so that she could focus on growing her skills and planned to go to the Netherlands to visit her mom in March who was working there. Since Noah needed Maria’s signatures on immigration paperwork, it was the perfect excuse for him to meet with her there. So, Noah purchased a flight, and met with Maria in Amsterdam.

And that’s when all hell broke lose, AKA, the global lockdown. With covid spreading, Canada recalled its citizens to the country and Ukraine closed its borders. Now Maria and her mom were stuck in the Netherlands and Noah had to return to Canada. It was a chaotic and unpredictable situation, and all that we could do was wait...
Noah and Maria