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Start with Pain
Noah & Maria Bolinder. April 10, 2022.
Start with Pain

When was the last time you had a significant injury?
Do you remember the pain you experienced? 
What was your reaction to that pain?

Whatever you did, you probably reacted instantly because pain refuses to be ignored! 

Since we live in a world where people have short attentions spans, your website needs to capture your audience’s attention ASAP.

You do that with PAIN!

The first thing your website needs to communicate is what you do. After that, its pain time.
Ask your audience questions about pain in their life that you can solve.
The more painful the better. Most people make purchases based on emotions, and pain is a powerful emotion.

After dishing out the pain, show them how your product or service resolves their pain. 
When crafting the right words for your website, just remember: no pain, no gain.

What is the greatest pain point that you can solve for your audience? 
Noah and Maria