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Why Your Website Failed
Noah & Maria Bolinder. March 22, 2022.
Why do websites fail?

Imagine you have two neighbours and each of them has mailed you an invitation to dinner party at their house that takes place at the same time.

The first neighbour’s invitation describes how they are an amazing friend who has achieved so much in the world with their life. They are knowledgeable, an expert at their job, and have spent lots of cass renovating their home.
You would be wise to take this opportunity to come over and see their work.

The second neighbour’s invitation describes how they would be honoured to have you attend. Not only are they inviting people from your field of work that you can network with, but they remembered your favourite meal and dessert which they will be preparing.

Which invitation are you more likely to accept?

Websites are an invitation to an audience to take a specific action. Websites fail when their invitation shines the spotlight on themselves instead of the potential customer.

People don’t want to hear about how you or your business is great. They want to hear about how you can make them great.

Don’t make the mistake of inviting your audience to a party that’s all about you.

Show them how you care and what’s in it for them. That’s the key to success.
Noah and Maria