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Do You Have What It Takes?
Noah & Maria Bolinder. March 26, 2022.

Do You Have What It Takes?

When I (Maria) got my first design job, I wasn’t confident in my skills. I had dreamed of one day becoming a designer, but I wasn’t confident in myself.

I suffered from impostor syndrome which is common for people starting in a new field.

Here’s how you can defeat impostor syndrome…

DO THE WORK. The more I practiced, the more confidence I gained.

LOVE YOUR WORK. It’s much easier to practice something when you love what you do.

PERSEVERE. Many nights I would stay up late to practice my skills so I could grow.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH EXPERTS: I found mentors who helped me grow.

BELIEVE YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. I believed that I had the potential to be a world-class designer.

Follow the above to beat impostor syndrome!
Noah and Maria